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Prior to Helios, I would have to bug my staff to give me reports and data. I can now look that up very easily with Helios without interrupting my staff. That is a tremendous productivity gain!

Kevin Ward
Kevin Ward Assistant Superintendent of HR, Claremont Unified

Helios has been a life saver. Pulling ready reports, rather than doing it all in Excel, really saves our staff so much time and is extremely helpful during audits. We love the fact that Helios staff is always so accessible.

Margaret Domingo
Margaret Domingo VP of HR and Compliance, Camino Nuevo Academy

What used to take us 2 weeks to do now takes us 2 hours or less with Helios. We import the CalPADS staff information from Helios directly into the CalPADS system. Automatic TB and credential renewal emails save us lots of time and mailing costs.

Karla Diamond
Karla Diamond HR Manager, Granada Hills Charter High School

Helios has streamlined our HR compliance and management. Reports are so easy to run. Moreover, Helios offers a very strong credentialing module, which is a must for schools. They truly understand education.

Sergio Gomez
Sergio Gomez HR Director, Pacoima Charter School

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