Camino Manages HR with Helios

Helios helps Camino Nuevo Charter Academy (Camino) manage NCLB and teacher credential data

Camino Nuevo Charter Academy (Camino) is a community of eight high-performing public schools that utilizes a comprehensive approach to prepare students from preschool through high school for success in college and in life. We integrate academic rigor, community, family, and wellness to empower students to thrive in a culturally connected and changing world.

Camino students reside in some of the most historically underserved areas of Central Los Angeles, including the communities of MacArthur Park, Pico-Union, Wilshire Corridor, and Echo Park – a region that holds the second densest neighborhood in the U.S., where the annual family income is among the lowest in the city.

In Brief

  • Camino staff primarily use Helios to manage credential and NCLB data, oversight audits, TB and credential reminders, as well as compliance reports.
  • They say support is one of the best things they like about Helios.
  • Camino Nuevo staff have organized and input quite meticulously all their data into Helios, enabling them to quickly pull up information on teachers as well as run reports.

Why Helios?

Camino Nuevo got Helios for the same reasons as other schools: the ability of Helios to mainstream their HR credential management and do compliance reporting. They had been looking for over six months prior to going with Helios for a solution that will fit their needs but had found none. “Helios actually caters to schools!” Margaret Domingo, VP of HR and Compliance at Camino, had exclaimed when she first heard about it.

Camino primarily uses Helios to track their teacher credentials, NCLB, TB testing, EL, and subject matter test data. In fact, last month when a teacher’s credential expired, they were able to quickly contact him and get him up to speed with NCLB compliance.

Reliable Helios Support

Camino Nuevo staff unanimously complimented Helios representatives for being extremely responsive to their needs. “Helios team is always available and their support is one of the best things I like about Helios,” commented Margaret Domingo.

Camino is also using Helios reports during school audits. When auditors hit the school, it is much more gratifying to quickly pull up reports that satiate their hunger for data, which leaves both the administrators and the auditors happy.

No More Spreadsheet Mess

Camino used 101 Excel sheets to track data before switching to Helios. Now that those are history, Margaret can breathe a sigh of relief. For them, online data management is now the norm. In fact, they are now looking beyond what Helios currently does and want an online attendance calendar they can use to track employee absences and vacation time. And they will get it because that’s one of the features planned for the next version of Helios, to be released within the next few months.

“Helios has been a life saver! Pulling ready reports, rather than doing it all in Excel, really saves our staff so much time and is extremely helpful during audits. We love the fact that Helios staff is always so accessible,” said Margaret Domingo, VP of HR and Compliance at Camino Nuevo Charter Academy.