CUSD Chooses Helios

Claremont Unified School District Chooses Helios for its Ease of Use

Claremont Unified School District (CUSD) has over 7,000 students in its Education K-12 program spread across 12 school sites. It also runs an extensive Adult School program. There are seven unique elementary schools, a school for the orthopedically handicapped, an intermediate school, a comprehensive high school, a community day school and a continuation school.

In Brief

CUSD chose Helios after a thorough evaluation of K-12 HR systems. CUSD HR department liked Helios for its ease of use and simple yet feature-packed product. Helios provides an easy to use dashboard and user interface to enable staff to quickly search information they need and run reports at the click of a button. CUSD also gets automated reminders from Helios for credential and TB expirations, which saves a lot of staff time and effort. During the summer hiring, Helios helped HR staff to easily look up new hire data and provide it to district stakeholders.


CUSD had an internally developed personnel database system that staff used to enter basic employee data. However, it did not serve all HR needs such as credentialing and TB tracking. Much of the data was entered in free text notes field unable to be used for reporting.

CUSD Chooses Helios

Frustrated by the lack of organized data, CUSD, in the summer of 2014, started looking at various HR systems. After a thorough evaluation of all available HR systems for school districts, CUSD chose Helios for its ease of use and simple yet feature-packed product.

Easy Access to Personnel Data

During implementation, Helios imported their previous data and allowed CUSD to manage all their personnel data in one place. It enabled quick search of employee and job history information. HR staff is able to run reports at the click of a button allowing them to also see where data needs to be added.


The Helios dashboard is very useful to Kevin Ward, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources at CUSD. He regularly uses Helios to look up employee information. For instance, once when the Union President was in his office, Mr. Ward was able to quickly access new hire information and present it to him. Mr. Ward says, “With a click you are at the right screen in Helios whereas it would take us 20 to 30 seconds just to get to the data we wanted before.”

Automated Reminders for Credentials and TBs

CUSD staff has been receiving regular reminders about credential and TB expirations, which has saved a lot of time for them.

“Prior to Helios, I would have to bug my staff to give me reports and data. I can now look that up very easily with Helios without interrupting my staff. That is a tremendous productivity gain!” said Kevin Ward, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources at CUSD.