CVUSD Chooses Helios

Coachella Valley Unified School District Chooses Helios for HR and Employee Access

Coachella Valley Unified School District (CVUSD) has over 19,000 students in its K-12 HR program spread across 22 school sites. It has close to 3,000 employees including teachers, classified staff, administrators, and part-time or temporary workers.

In Brief

At CVUSD, reports were becoming more labor-intensive and the paperwork load was becoming overwhelming so the district started searching for a HR management system. When the district team first saw Helios, they were very impressed by its ease of use as well as the myriad of capabilities. Helios exceeded their expectations of what they wanted in an ideal HR management system. Helios has provided CVUSD a comprehensive HR management solution. It is making its day to day office operations much smoother and enabling access to information by principals and employees. Helios imports employee data from Riverside County’s Galaxy system, thus avoiding double data entry. It also imported CVUSD’s data in multiple systems and spreadsheets. “We loved the fact that it could make our day to day office operations run more smoothly and enable principals, staff, and employees to access data at their fingertips. We are excited how easy it is to extract all the information we need with built-in reports and dashboards for highly qualified teachers, assignment monitoring, and credentialing,” exclaimed Michael Ghelber, HR Director at CVUSD.


CVUSD had multiple data systems: a county HR/payroll system, multiple spreadsheets, and in-house databases. Yet their reporting load was increasing tremendously and access to data was not easy at all. As a result, there was a lot of wasted time and effort by staff.

CVUSD Implements Helios

Frustrated by these challenges, CVUSD started looking at various HR systems. After a thorough evaluation of all available HR systems for school districts, CVUSD chose to implement Helios for its completeness and capabilities to enable access by employees and principals at their fingertips.

Integration with Riverside County System Galaxy

During implementation, Helios imported their previous data from their spreadsheets and databases including an ongoing download from its county system offered by Riverside County Office of Education. This allowed CVUSD to manage all their HR and payroll data in one place. HR staff is able to run reports at the click of a button allowing them to also see where data needs to be added.

Principal and Employee Access

CVUSD is excited about the ability of principals to log into Helios and get information on their teachers and staff, their credentials, and evaluations. Information is at their fingertips and it also saves HR staff time in answering phone calls and emails. Helios also offers the capability for employees to access their information via the Employee Portal. The portal allows employees to easily access data such as their credentials, expirations, salary units, as well as request changes to their address, contact info or emergency contacts. The district is continuing to expand its use of Helios in more areas such as evaluations, document management, and employee portal in future.

“Helios exceeded our expectations by offering document management, evaluations, employee portal, credential updates, TB updates, and time reporting. I would highly recommend Helios to any district looking to gain efficiency, meet compliance, and provide a great tool for principals and employees to have all the data and easy access. The Helios team has accommodated our needs and are constantly working with us to roll the system out district-wide.” said Michael Ghelber, HR Director at CVUSD.