TEACH Public Schools has 100% Success Rate with Helios

TEACH Public Schools (TPS) are innovative, dynamic, creative, and educationally enriching institutions of positive, driven learning. TPS operates three public schools in Los Angeles, California, one elementary school, one high school, and one academy.  


The Human Resources team spent a great deal of time with their previous onboarding process for new employees. Their manual process was tedious and took several weeks to complete. It took at least two hours to onboard each new employee.  

Before Helios, onboarding took weeks to complete. “It took a lot of time from our end, and it took a lot of time from the candidate’s end. We had to really walk the employee through every step of the onboarding process”, says Dr. Pimienta, Director of Human Resources.   


The stream-lined, all-in-one solution has been a huge success for TEACH public schools. The onboarding module has helped save their team time, money, and resources, all while making a great first impression to new hires. New hires can now complete their onboarding process from anywhere with Helios. TPS completely onboards their new employees in a couple of hours versus a couple of weeks. The onboarding process can now be easily completed on the Helios app, cell phones, and computers. With Helios Onboarding, TPS Still receives all the necessary paperwork and important information. Onboarding employees with Helios saves TPS time and costs. “Helios Onboarding makes a great first impression on the new employee” says, Dr. Pimienta.   

 How user-friendly is Helios? 

“Helios is extremely user-friendly. All our employees so far have really wondered why we waited so long to implement something like this,” says Dr. Pimienta. She continues, “Every single person really likes it because it is so user-friendly and because it is something they can use on their laptop or on their phone.” 

How do you save time with Helios? 

“Helios saves us time on all aspects. From onboarding, as I mentioned, when you can do something within hours. With the employee electronic profile, the TPS HR team no longer has to wait to look for something, because they can look up every single piece of information right there and then instead of searching through a paper employee file. Dr. Pimienta says that Helios “is a system that holds absolutely everything that you can think of in one place.” 

How do you save money with Helios? 

“When people are no longer waiting days and weeks to do something it’s automatically saving time, saving energy, saving money- so it’s great. The most precious thing for everybody is time and to save that just helps everyone all around.”   

Can you share specific examples of when you felt Helios was important to your work? 

As Dr. Pimienta oversees Human Resources, it’s extremely important that she is efficient. She says, “sometimes I’m pulled in different directions. When we have a system like Helios, it’s one more thing off my hands.” The TPS HR team no longer must guess where employees are in the onboarding process. The HR team can look at the Onboarding dashboard and see what step each new employee is on in their process. Dr. Pimienta says, “as soon as they are completed with their onboarding paperwork, Helios lets me know and notifies me, so this is perfect.” 

How has the initial setup process, training, and support been for you? 

“The initial process, training, and support has been wonderful. Helios has a great team that is always willing to go above and beyond to make sure that everybody is getting training and support.” Dr. Pimienta and her team “get answers to their questions within minutes. If we need a training, we get a training within 24 hours scheduled.” 

How has automatic notifications saved your team time? 

“I love that Helios is an all for one and everything is there, from credentials to their TB, to their birthdays. Everything piece of information for the employee that we need to look up is in one place. It really saves us time and resources because we have everything right there.” 

 What feedback have you received from new employees that have used Helios onboarding? 

“Helios has made such a great first impression. It has made us have a great first impression with employees. Their first impression is, ‘this was really simple, this was really easy, this was great,’ and they look forward to their first day. Helios has been great for everybody using it! Helios makes a great first impression, and we don’t get a second chance to make a great first impression. That’s why it’s so important.” 

 Any last thoughts you would share with a school that is looking for a new system?  

“All I can say is that Helios is an absolutely great place to onboard, to help employees use time reporting. It’s a great place to hold and store information. It’s like an HR team’s own personal assistant. My team no longer must go through barriers to get things done. So, it’s a win-win for both ends.” 

 Dr. Pimienta sums up TEACH Public School’s experience of working with Helios: “We have had 100% success rate with Helios as well as satisfaction.”