Success Stories

Helios Partnership Success Overview

From all over the world of K-12 HR and Business, view highlights from some of our happiest Helios users and hear what they have to say about saving up to 73% of their time and budget!

TEACH Public Schools has 100% Success Rate with Helios Ed

The initial process, training, and support has been wonderful. Helios has a great team that is always willing to go above and beyond to make sure that everybody is getting training and support.

Dr. Maria Pimienta, Director of Human Resources at TEACH Public Schools

La Cañada Unified School District Finds the Support and Family Feel from Helios Ed Incredible

With the help of Helios, LCUSD can respond to requests more efficiently and onboard new employees faster than ever before. Our response time to district employees has decreased significantly.

Debra Cradduck, Chief Human Resources Officer at La Cañada Unified School District

FJUHSD loves the User-friendliness and Support of Helios

Everything can now be done easily, safely, and securely at home, online. And I think it’s great! I absolutely love Helios!

Chris MacMeekin, Manager, Fiscal Services at Fullerton Joint Union High School District

Coldspring-Oakhurst saves 50% HR Time with Helios

It’s a pleasure working with Helios! I’m always happy to chat with anyone from another district about Helios and give it two thumbs up because it has been very seamless and made us more efficient!

Candy Yeager, Human Resources Coordinator at Coldspring-Oakhurst Consolidated Independent School District

Update: Camino Nuevo Streamlines Hiring and Onboarding with Helios!

Helios has made our jobs easier and safer! Everything can be managed within the system and it’s helped us stay 100% compliant. We ABSOLUTELY recommend Helios. It’s been a lifesaver for us!

Margaret Domingo, Vice President of Human Resources at Camino Nuevo Charter Academy

San Luis Coastal Unified School District saves time and makes life easier for everyone with Helios!

Our processes have become easier for EVERYONE in our district. Helios makes a HUGE impact on our daily workload. The system is intuitive and user-friendly. And customer support has helped us all along the way.

Beth Summers, Human Resources Analyst, and Rachel Robinson-Vang, Administrative Assistant, San Luis Coastal Unified School District.

Summit Reduces Employee Turnover and Saves Money with Helios

 Having a school-specific HR/information system and finance/payroll solution, all bundled into one, is incredibly valuable. I think you can’t go wrong with Helios, due to their customer service and their flexibility to work with you to ensure the current systems you’re using integrate seamlessly into Helios.

Luke Whitehead, Human Resources Manager at Summit Public Schools

Azusa Unified School District Goes Paperless, Eliminates Double Entry, and Saves Time with Helios

 Helios is a great option and it connects to everything. The big win for us has been data integrity. That’s going to help us on the budgeting side to know how and what we’re spending our extra duty on. That saves us money in the end!

Marc Bommarito, Assistant Superintendent of Business Services at Azusa Unified School District

San Marino Unified School District Stays in the Forefront with Helios Onboarding and Paperless Solution

Districts should definitely consider Helios because of its user-friendliness, great customer service, and the ease of integration. It is a system that can bring all the pieces together for you. Helios has also been very cost-effective when you think about the amount of time that people are saving. Staff time is huge, so I would highly recommend Helios to any district.

Linda De la Torre, Superintendent, San Marino Unified School District

Burbank Unified School District Saves $2.3M in Overhead with K-12 Helios HR and Business Solution

  Look at Helios, it’s a great solution. It will do a lot of things for you. It has saved us a ton of money, time, and improved our processes. What used to take me days to review and approve extra duty assignments, now I can approve 20 assignments in a minute and a half!

David Jaynes, Assistant Superintendent of Administrative Services at Burbank Unified School District

Burbank Unified School District Saves 15% Overhead and 100+ Overtime Hours

  Prior to implementing Helios time reporting and payroll, everything was done on paper. Helios helped us automate our time reporting and payroll process, eliminating our paper-based system. With Helios, we are saving 100+ man-hours a month. We are able to meet our payroll schedules, and no more overtime. With Helios, our payroll reports are clean, they are accurate, and I trust them. I can’t imagine not having Helios.” said Clara Carracela, Payroll Supervisor at Burbank Unified School District.

Clara Carracela, Payroll Supervisor at Burbank Unified School District

Burbank Unified School District Implements Helios for HR and Payroll

  At BUSD, we were looking for a platform that would integrate and tie the various systems of HR, Payroll, and Budget together. We have found Helios team to be responsive and eager to provide a system that works for us. For us, follow through is the key. We expect a high level of customer service and Helios has delivered.

Anita Schackmann, HR Director at Burbank Unified School District

Aspire Public Schools Saves 10 Work days a Month with Helios

  Prior to implementing Helios our credential management, induction program tracking, and file storage were untenable. Helios helped us automate our processes, eliminate paper file storage, and eliminate our paper-based system. With Helios, we are saving 10+ workdays a month. We are pleased with our partnership with Helios. They truly are looking out for our best interest.

Cameron Byrd, Director, Credential Services and Retirement Departments, and Induction Program Manager at Aspire Public Schools

Claremont Unified School District Chooses Helios for its Ease of Use

  Prior to Helios, I would have to bug my staff to give me reports and data.I can now look that up very easily with Helios without interrupting my staff. That is a tremendous productivity gain

Kevin Ward, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources at Claremont Unified School District

Coachella Valley Unified School District Chooses Helios for HR and Employee Access

  Helios exceeded our expectations by offering document management, evaluations, employee portal, credential updates, TB updates, and time reporting. I would highly recommend Helios to any district looking to gain efficiency, meet compliance, and provide a great tool for principals and employees to have all the data and easy access. The Helios team has accommodated our needs and are constantly working with us to roll the system out district-wide.

Michael Ghelber, HR Director at Coachella Valley Unified School District

Granada Hills Charter Automates HR and Personnel with Helios

  I would greatly recommend Helios, it feels much more legitimate and professional to be able to keep all of the important data in one place.

Karla Diamond, HR Manager at Granada Hills Charter High School

Pacoima Charter Schools streamlines HR with Helios

  Helios has streamlined our HR compliance and management. Reports are so easy to run and they have saved us countless days and last minute headaches in complying with HR requirements and regulations. For example, we have reduced our staff time from 12 days to minutes in creating audit reports for LAUSD. Moreover, Helios offers a very strong credentialing module, which is a must for schools. They truly understand education.

Maureen Clarke, HR Director at Pacoima Charter Schools

Helios helps Camino Nuevo Charter Academy (Camino) manage HR and teacher credential data

  Helios has been a lifesaver! Pulling ready reports, rather than doing it all in Excel, really saves our staff so much time and is extremely helpful during audits. We love the fact that Helios staff is always so accessible.

Margaret Domingo, VP of HR and Compliance at Camino Nuevo Charter Academy